Why you need to change NOW: 3 simple steps to get started

Taking care of myself is something I neglected and didn’t prioritise over the years, I convinced myself that through following a fat loss diet and exercising I was being ‘healthy’. I ignored the fact that I was drinking too much, following a restrictive diet, over-exercising and constantly stressed. As a result, I suffered from health issues.

So often we are constantly fire fighting, stepping into a space of self-neglect. We forget our own needs and go into an imbalanced survival mode with poor sleep, poor nutrition and shallow breathing. We forget to love, we forget to experience joy, we forget to be present, enjoy the moment or appreciate all the good things we have.

It’s so easy to keep on pushing through, thinking we are invincible, we take our health for granted and we don’t realise until it’s too late.

THEN we start taking action.

My key message today is don’t wait until there’s something seriously wrong to start making positive changes for your life and health, do it now. Follow these three steps to make the process easier:

STEP 1 – Create a powerful why

You need to identify a powerful reason why you want to change, think about what this will mean for your life, for your partner, family, and friends such as wanting to experience a long and happy life, being a role model for kids, or being able to tick off as much as possible from your bucket list.

STEP 2 – Create a sense of urgency

Often change doesn’t feel like a must. It’s something we should do, something we’d like to do one day, not what we absolutely must do right this second. If you want to change something then you need to create a sense of urgency so intense that you’re compelled to follow through NOW.

STEP 3 – Take action each day

It has to become non-negotiable that you take daily action to move you forward. It needs to become a habit, to become second nature, so it’s part of you. Consistency is key.

Lastly, it doesn’t need to be hard, if you think it’ll be hard it will be. Go for small easy wins where you can.

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